True RMS digital protection Relay V/HZ. Leakage protection for: Over voltage, under voltage, start up standby generators, operation of mains failure units, switching standby hybrid supplies, protecting computer supplies, close control of equipment. Gensets - to monitor correct operation of the AVR (Automatic voltage regulator) and excitation system. Motors-Some electric motors are voltage sensitive, and can overheat and burn out when operated at low voltage. UPS supplies - When the main A. C. supply falls outside the acceptable operating voltage window the relay can initiate a change over to an alternate or standby supply. Motors - Single Phasing. Incorrect sequence connection.


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• True RMS Measurement
• 7 different parameters on site selection
• Dual color LED for fault indication
• Trip relay DPM with Class 0.5
• Stores last 15 faults
• Detection of fault with display of parameter value
• 4 digit 7 segment LED display
• Configuration via USB-based PRKAB