Protection Relays

Sifam Tinsley range of Protection relays providing continuous protection and monitoring for an array of electrical parameters, such as Voltage, Current, Frequency, Phase sequence, Earth leakage.

Digital Earth Leakage Relay Din Rail and Panel Mount (96 x 96mm)

To monitor earth leakage current and to operate an associated relay at a preset current. May be used to shut down a system or operate an alarm under fault conditions. VIEW MORE>

Digital Current Monitoring Relay

True RMS digital protection Relay I. Leakage protection for: Over current, under current, load detection, monitoring of electric heating system, general application- for any electrical load, monitoring for under load and over load conditions. VIEW MORE>

Digital Voltage and Frequency Line Monitoring Relay

True RMS digital protection Relay V/HZ. Leakage protection for: Over voltage, under voltage, start up standby generators, operation of mains failure units, switching standby hybrid supplies, protecting computer supplies, close control of equipment. VIEW MORE>

Current Protection Relay

Omicron - AR monitors AC current of a system/equipment and protects it from overcurrent, undercurrent and current unbalance. As well as indicating the occurrence of faults with the help of LED indications. The potentiometer make this relay easy to programme the trip points and time delays. VIEW MORE>

Phase Protection Relay

Omicron - PHR monitors a AC voltage signals of a system/equipment which protects it from phase failure issues. VIEW MORE>

Voltage Protection Relay

Omicron - VR monitors AC voltage of a system/equipment and protects it from overvoltage, undervoltage and phase failure issues. As well as it indicates the occurrence of faults with help of LED indications. VIEW MORE>