Analogue Panel Meters

Traditional DIN specification panel meters are available ad 90 degree moving iron or moving coil / rectifies. These can be further modified to customer’s exact requirements, to include; polycarbonate windows, red supplementary pointers, coloured bands, etc.

Platinum Series Switchboard Meters


Sigma Series LML Leter


Sigma Series LM Meter

SiDE (Moving Iron AC Meter)

SiDS (Moving Coil DC Meter)

SiDG (Moving Coil AC Meters with Rectifier)

SiFM Series (Pointer Frequency Meter)


Electronic Synchroscope


Selector Switch Meter


Sigma Series EB-BM Meter

Power Factor Meter (PF)

SiDS DGL (Moving Coil AC Meter with Rectifier)

SiDS DSL (Moving Coil DC Meter)

SiDS FML (Pointer Frequency Meter)

Analogue Meter Relay