N14 – Meter of Network Parameters


N14 from Sifam Tinsley is a programmable digital panel instrument destined for the measurement of 3- phase, 3 or 4-wire power network parameters, in balanced or unbalanced systems with the simultaneous display of measured quantities and digital transmission of their values. This network parameter meter enables the control and optimization of power electronic devices, systems and industrial installations. The AP41 meter ensures the measurement of: RMS voltage and current, active, reactive and apparent power, active and reactive energy, power factors, frequency, mean active power (e.g. 15- min mean power). Voltages and currents are multiplied by given current and voltage ratios of measuring transformers. Indications of power and energy take into consideration programmed ratio values. The value of each measured quantity can be transmitted to the master system through the RS-485 interface. The relay output signals the exceeding of the chosen quantity and the impulse output can be used for the consumption control of the 3-phase active energy. The meter has a detection and signalling of incorrect phase sequence.






• Measurement of power network parameters in 3 or 4-wire balanced or unbalanced systems
• Ring type terminals for current connections
• Universal Auxiliary supply 85..253V a.c/d.c
• Programmable VT and CT ratio for Medium and Low Voltage applications
• Measurement of basic power quantities: UL-L, UL-N, In, f, P, Q, S, PF, tg , Ep+, Ep-, EqL, EqC
• 4-quadrantic measurement of power and energy (P+, P-, QL, QC)
• Indications taking into consideration values of programmed ratios
• Measurement of 15-minutes’ mean power
• Interface RS485 Modbus Slave (option)
• LED display (14mm digits)
• Din 96x96mm
• Memory of min and max values


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