N43 rail mounted power network meter








• For direct (up to 63A) and indirect measurement, in 3 phase 4 wire/3 wire balanced and unbalanced systems
• The measurement of: rms values of voltage and current, active, reactive and apparent power, active, reactive, energy, power factors, frequency, THD
• Indications considering values of programmed ratios
• Backlit LCD display
• Programmable display pages
• 3 programmable alarm outputs and 1 pulse output in standard version
• Pulse output for monitoring of 3-phase active energy
• Digital transmission to the master system through the RS-485 interface (MODBUS)
• USB for configuration by using free eCon software
• Modern design allows for installation of the meter in modular switchgear in accordance with EN 62208 (meter has a width of 6 modules) on 35mm rail.