Insulation Testers

The Zeta series consist of the insulation testers. Zeta series insulation testers have proven invaluable in the testing of insulation resistance measurement for industrial applications such as motors, electrical panels, cables, telecom industry, defense and many more.


Features (Zeta 20 & 30)

  • ‹ Broad insulation measuring range up to 2GΩ
  • Voltage measurement to 25V to 600V
  • Hands free continuity testing
  • Storage memory for last 50 readings
  • Stop watch function & blow fuse indication
  • Auto power off

Features (Zeta 50 / 50K)

  • Test Voltages to up to 5000 V
  • Discharge of capacitive devices under test
  • Measurement in accordance with EN61557 part 1 and 2/ IS 2992 (VDE 0413)
  • Measurement cables with heavy-duty insulation & needle gauge with LEDs
  • Vtg. measurement upto 2000V

Zeta 20


Zeta 30


Zeta 50