Alpha 30

Alpha 30 measures important electrical parameters & replaces the multiple Analogue panel meters. It measures electrical parameters like AC current, Voltage, frequency, active energy import & active energy export, Current Demand, kW Demand, kVA Demand and Max Current Demand, Max kW Demand and Max kVA Demand. The instrument has optional output as one pulse output or two pulse output for energy measurement.







• Multifunction TRMS meter with 61 parameters in a 3ph network
• Programmable VT and CT ratio’s
• Parameters cover, V, I, F, In, KW, KVAr, KVA, Phase Angle, PF, %THD, demand & max demand (I, kVA, Imp&Exp kW) run hr, on hr, interrupt, KVAh, Imp & Exp KWh, KVArh Optional Modbus RS485, Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP,  relay & Analog Output signals
• Approvals CE, UL Listed