AP15-3DL-RJ12 Dual Load Meter


Sifam Tinsleys AP15-3DL RJ12 Multifunction Power Meter is a new generation modern design power monitor that will measure and display electrical power quality parameters. It has been engineered to cover most applications (Single Phase and Three Phase networks / Built in Pulsed and RS485 Modbus / Import and Export kWh), replacing the need for several different models of this power meter.




• Phase to Neutral Voltage (V)
• Phase Current (A)
• Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion (U%THD)
• Current Total Harmonic Distortion (I%THD)
• Frequency (Hz)
• Power Factor (PF)
• Current Max Demand (MD A)
• Power Max Demand (MD kW)
• Active Power (kW) Reactive Power (kVAr)
• Apparent Power (kVA)
• Import Active Energy (kWh)
• Export Active Energy (kWh)
• Total Active Energy (kWh)
• Import Reactive Energy (kVArh)
• Export Reactive Energy (kVArh)
• Total Reactive Energy (kVArh)


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