Beta P (10, 20, 30, 40)

Beta 10P/20P/30P/40P The digital panel meter Beta P Series have been designed for industrial applications, which frequently require precise and on site adjustment of the display range, with true RMS measurement the 4 digit fully programmable Digital Panel Meter, measures AC Current / Voltage in a single / three phase network, available in 48×96 / 96×96 size. Universal features like I/P: V-100 to 500VLL programmable, I-1/5A selectable, Aux: 40 to 300V AC/DC, click fit arrangement.






Download User Manual for the Beta 10P 20Puser_manual_download

Download User Manual for the Beta 30P 40P




True RMS measurement
The instrument measures distorted waveform up to 15th Harmonic.

On site programmable PT/CT ratios
It is possible to program primary of external potential Transformer (PT) for Voltage DPM & primary of external Current Transformer (CT) for Current DPM on site via front panel keys by entering into Programming mode.

User selectable CT Secondary 5A/1A
The secondary of external Current Transformer (CT) can be programmed on site to either 5A or 1A for Current DPM using front panel keys.

User selectable PT Secondary
The secondary of external Potential Transformer (PT) can be programmed on site from 100 VLL to 500 VLL for Voltage DPM using front panel keys.

User selectable CT Primary
The Primary of current transformer can be programmed on site from 1A to 999kA for Current DPM using front panel keys.

User selectable PT Primary
The Primary of Potential transformer can be programmed on site from 60 VLN to 999 kVLN for single Phase Voltage DPM & 100VLN to 999 kVLL for three Phase Voltage DPM using front panel keys.

User selectable 3 phase 3Wire or 4Wire or Single phase Network
User can program on site the network connection as either 3 Phase 3 Wire or 4 Wire or single phase network using front panel keys.

Higher Security
Provides Security with user programmable password protection.

Onsite selection of Auto scroll / Fixed Screen
User can set the display in auto scrolling mode or fixed screen mode using front panel keys.

4 digits LED display (up to 9999)
14mm or 20mm ultra bright 4 digits LED display.

Function keys
Using two function keys it is possible to Display various parameters in Current and Voltage DPM. These function keys are also used for programming Password, Network selection, CT/PT Primary & Secondary values, Reset min/max values, Auto ON/OFF mode selection.

Screen No. storage
In case of power failure, the instrument memorizes the last screen stored. For every 1 min. the instrument stores the screen no. in the non-volatile memory.

Min Max storage of parameters possible
The instrument stores minimum and maximum values for System Voltage(in case of PGDV / PGD3V) and System Current (in case of PGDA / PGD3A). Every 60 sec stored values are updated.

Low back depth
The instrument has very low back depth (behind the panel) of less than 54mm for 96×96 and 68mm for 48×96 type DPM.

Available in two different Sizes
DPM is available in two different sizes 96×96 and 48×96.

EMC Compatibility
Compliance to International standard IEC 61326.